Who's Your Caddy?
We are.

About us

The Caddy Shop is a proudly Canadian company run by golf addicts like you. We're dedicated to bringing you the best tools for your golf game, just like a personal caddy.
Golf is a game that breeds passion, hard-work and dedication. And maybe a bit of obsession. Golf lovers like us beat balls at the range every chance we get, train at the gym to maximize our swing distance and practice putting in the living room. When you embrace the golf life, it means making weekend plans around your tee time, scheduling vacays with your crew or taking the early-bird tee times to be home with the family the rest of the weekend. It means getting your kids into lessons to ignite their passion and making it a family deal. It means keeping your golf shoes in the trunk or maybe your range bag in case you get a chance to slip over to the course.
Whatever it is you need to live your #golflife, it's our mission is to provide you with the golf essentials when you need them. Now, who's your caddy?

"It's Gonna Be A Good Day"