Who's Your Caddy?
We are.

About us

Two female golf entrepreneurs in golf apparel lean against a golf cart on a golf coure in summer.
Hi there, we're Vanessa and Shawne, and we run The Caddy Shop, an online golf store proudly based in Vancouver, BC. Along with our team, we're dedicated to bringing you the best golf products for your game.
Here's a bit about us: we're golfers, entrepreneurs, early-morning texters, workout junkies and lovers of gin as well as wives and moms. We look at golf as a lifestyle: it means TPI training at the gym, making a weekend tee time work with the family schedule, squeezing in golf get-aways with the crew or finding the perfect golf apparel that will take us from work to the course, and vice versa. It means getting the kids into lessons to ignite their passion and making it a family deal. It also means keeping the golf shoes or range bag in the trunk in case we get a chance to slip over to the local muni. Maybe we don't always take score when we play and maybe a few laughs and music is part of what makes golf a fun game. Regardless of what your version of the perfect golf life is, we can agree that golf brings people together -- all sorts of people! And that's the best part of any life.
Whatever it is you need to live your best #golflife, it's our mission is to provide you with the golf essentials when you need them. Aaand, we're super proud to say that The Caddy Shop - your online golf shop in Canada - is women-owned and women-operated. Now, who's your caddy?

"It's Gonna Be A Good Day"