Golf 101 - Tips for the Beginner

Golf can feel like a daunting sport at times.  Not only is it difficult, there are what seem like endless rules, etiquette, and strange lingo. Golf rounds generally take 4-4.5 hours and on a busy course it can feel quite stressful for a new player to keep up. Whether you're new to golf or not, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Start at the Driving Range or Pitch & Putts

o   The Driving Range and Par 3 courses are great ways learn the basics before making your way onto the larger courses.

Show up with plenty of time

o   Give yourself time to get checked in and warmed up for your round. Golf courses run a tight schedule, if your tee time is 11:30 you should be ready at the first tee 10 minutes before.

Play 'ready golf'

o   Ask the first tee host or Pro Shop what tees they recommend for beginners

o  While the rules of golf state the player furthest from the hole plays first, this doesn’t mean you should be standing around waiting.  While your partners are playing, get yourself ready so when it is your turn to play you are ready to go


Be aware of your surroundings

o   Move swiftly between shots to keep up with the group ahead

o   Stay quiet while other players are hitting

o   Stay calm. Golf can be frustrating but getting angry won’t help

o   Only hit when the fairway or green is clear of other players ahead of you

Take care of the course

o   Remember there are many other players on the course as well, so let’s all do our part to rake any bunkers you enter, replace divots and fix ball marks made on the green.

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