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In Anticipation of Father's Day...

On the 11 year anniversary of his father's death, The Caddy Shop founder reflects on the lessons learned from his father - a personality and story teller with a big laugh. My Dad. He was an entrepreneur from an early age and was involved in everything from hotel ownership to fried chicken fast-food outlets to cable TV. The context in which he taught me and my brothers these lessons wasn't always as it related to business, but more about how to live life. Here are some of the big ones. Work hard and play hard. Dad had a zest for life. He loved to laugh and socialized just as hard with friends and family as he did putting his nose to the grindstone. Quite simply, when the time came to work, he worked hard.  He instilled this natural sense of work ethic in myself and my brothers through his actions. It's ok to have a good time, but first put your head down and get the job done. Take risks. Not all of the many businesses my Dad was involved with were successes, but he understood the value of failure. He never took the missteps personally, managed the cards that were dealt him and carried on. I learned that taking risks - and the resulting success and/or failure - make you a hardier and a more resilient businessperson. Diversify. Dad didn't just stick with one type of business or industry. He tried different things. If an opportunity presented itself and he felt good about it he would take a calculated risk. I think it was fun for him. Shouldn't fun be part of business and life? Be involved in your community. My Dad loved politics and tried his hand at it a few times in his life with varying degrees of success.  He believed in his city and his province and wanted to give back to make a difference. Business aside, getting involved in your community is personally satisfying and builds connection with the place you live and work. Be kind. Treat people with kindness and respect. No further explanation needed. Never lose your sense of humour. My Dad ran for federal politics in the 1980s and his (internal) campaign slogan was "If you lose your sense of humour you are f*&%d"." Words to live by! Life is much better if you don't take yourself too seriously. My Dad was one of a kind. The life of the party, a smart and loving guy. I'm sure he never considered he was teaching us lessons by living his life the way he did, but it definitely impacted me and the way I live mine. His accomplishments as an entrepreneur - and as a loving, supportive dad - have inspired me in my career and my personal life. Hopefully I can be the same inspiration to my kids. Cheers Dad!

by Shawne MacIntyre •